Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are you an attorney? What if I don’t have an attorney?

a. We are not attorneys, but we work with several family law attorneys in town and are happy to provide a recommendation.

2. How does your firm charge for your services?

a. Our firm requires an initial retainer of $7,500; we will bill hourly against your retainer. When and if your retainer money is depleted, we will ask you to replenish this.

3. Who retains you?

a. Generally, your attorney’s firm retains us however you can retain us directly and we will work with you and your attorney.

4. How much do I need to live on?

a. During the lifestyle analysis process, we will determine your current and post-divorce needs.

5. Can I keep the house?

a. The lifestyle analysis process will help determine if you are financially able to stay in the current residence post-divorce.

6. What assets do I have?

a. During the gathering of information, the marital balance sheet will give you a better perspective of your assets.

7. What assets should I keep?

a. That all depends on what assets are available and what assets are important to you. The balance sheet helps assist in that decision.

8. Does your firm attend mediation?

a. Yes, absolutely.

Let's Get Acquainted

We offer a complimentary "Get Acquainted" meeting to describe our services, and to see if our services are right for you.


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